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(A review by SIdharth Vardhan of the short story ‘Aleph'(1949) by Jorge Luis Borges ) “All language is a set of symbols whose use among its speakers assumes a shared past.” …. and so there must be things beyond describing powers of language. What if some day you were to come across a thing or…

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amos oz judas sidharth vardhan review amos oz judas sidharth vardhan review

Review of ‘Judas’ by Amos Oz First published in 2014 Short-listed for international Man-Booker in 2017 On Hurting God There must seem something paradoxical to some of the religious folks in the idea that anyone could in anyway hurt God or his relative. They thus want to argue that such people who might have done…

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(Review ‘Of Africa’ by Wole Soyinka 5*/5*) The title itself was fascinating to me. Not ‘Of Nigeria’ but ‘Of Africa’. Anybody who talks of thinking beyond political boundaries quickly gets my respect. “The rise of extreme nationalism, often developing into outright xenophobia, barely disguised under legislative formalisms that never name their real goal – exclusion…

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