Sidharth Vardhan

The Orphan Argument

(First written sometime in 2015) In dark abysmal nights, an infant – not more than a few minutes into the world was crying; crying for his mother who died giving birth to him. It weeps, cries, requests, prays for his mother, his little hands outstretched to be taken into her arms. The world trembles and wounded human hearts are trying what they may to comfort him. And yet who can take his mother’s place for an infant. Nothing could comfort him but the as yet unknown face attached to that womb which this far was his home. No, it weeps and continues to ask for his mother – his requests in his innocence are appeal to all, the whole universe, including, if he or they exist, your God or gods. You say pray, he is praying in as much his innocence allows him to. You say pray with all your heart and you will get, yet what other prayers were made with all one’s heart. You say you shall get what you deserve, then can you claim an infant’s right to his mother? You say ‘pray and you shall get if you come with clean hands. Can anyone else claim to