Sidharth Vardhan

Worth Killing

(First written sometime in 2014) X:“it is the cost you have to pay, a sacrifice you have to make in order to save your beliefs. Y:“But they were innocents.” X:“So they were but you can’t help it if the belief of many will cost the lives of a few.” Y:“but they didn’t volunteer to do so.” X:“That’s doesn’t matter.” Y: (after some thinking)“Tell me something, how many people must believe in something, to make it worthwhile taking the life of one unwilling innocent?” X: “I don’t understand your question?” Y: (points to a little kid playing in the lawn) “Tell me something, if I was to suddenly start believing in a new God but that kid somehow threatens my belief merely by being there. Would it be okay for me to kill that kid?” X: “of course not, you could just be excusing yourself. The belief of one person isn’t it enough.” Y: “but if say ten people were to believe in this new god?” X: “No, of course not. Still not enough.” Y: “If say a hundred people were to believe, the idea of my personal type of god, would then it be okay to kill that kid against