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(A short fiction by Sidharth Vardhan February 17, 2018) (The story of patient’s sister which is mentioned in the beginning of this story can be found here.) 1. “You, psychologists, are rather patient people – or perhaps you aren’t even listening. For here I am talking about my sister and her comfort object when this…

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a tale of two cities sidharth vardhan Lucy Sydney a tale of two cities sidharth vardhan Lucy Sydney

A tribute to Charles Dickens (A Tale of Two Cities) and Damien Rice (Cheers Darling) A short story by Sidharth Vardhan First written on March 26, 2018 As usual, she had her beautiful smile on when she opened the door and she greeted him with her daily question, addressing him, as she always did, with…

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(A short story by Sidharth Vardhan June 24, 2016) “Papa, Pa-Pa, Pa, Pa” he has rolled the variations of the word;‘Daddy’ or ‘Dad’ too, but he wishes that Vani will call him papa. It has just the right kind of sound to it. It has always felt like a big responsibility – inwardly he still…

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