Sidharth Vardhan


(A novelette first written on March 28, 2018) “Without Music, life would be a mistake” Friedrich Nietzsche Part IKhamoshi 1. From my earliest memories, I have had this curiosity regarding how people with physical disabilities experience the world differs when compared to others. Does a person who has been blind all his or her life know what colors are? How do we define the concept to them? And if that is not possible, what pangs they must feel when we talk about colors and physical beauty of things? Or does the person who has been deaf all his or her life understand the concept of music? And what about someone like Helen Keller! how lonely a life hers must have been, with nothing but touch and smell to make her conscious of other person’s presence? If you ask me, verbal conversations are only the most deliberate way in which we feel the presence of other people and enjoy their company; but it is hardly the strongest (that place goes to touch) or most common (which is a sight). In the presence of the right kind of company, words aren’t necessary to hold a conversation – in fact, the best of