Sidharth Vardhan

A review of Das Capital

(A review of ‘Das Capital’ by Karl Marx Review first written on July 12, 2019) To judge a book by the way it affected the world is a mistake, though a tempting mistake. If we are to do so, almost all religious books will get a one-star rating because of the violent actions of followers of the respective religion. I don’t wish to be so cruel as to judge Marx, his ‘Das Kapital’ or socialism, on the basis of human rights violations in communist Russia and China. ….. But even if we are to give in to this temptation, we will find that Marx has a mostly positive impact. Before him, the world was driven by a blind capitalist force which burns down everything to profits – mostly based on the exploitation of workers who (often mere children) worked more than 16 hours at times. Some laws for the benefit of workers were already being made by the time Marx wrote the book, but I think it is mostly thanks to Marx that overexploitation of workers is no longer taken for granted in the west. Socialism can’t be any more blamed for the suffering of people in communist countries (blame