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Die My Love by Harwicz – a review

(A review ofDie My Love by Ariana HarwiczTranslation to English by Sarah Moseslonglisted for International Booker 2018First written on May 5, 2018) “I’m fed up with the fact that it’s not okay to bad-mouth your own baby or walk around firing a gun.” Ariana Harwicz (Die My Love) I know, right? As somebody of other said human beings are born free, but everywhere they are in chains. Chains of different types – social, religious, national etc. In this case, they are of family. The chains of expectations as to how mother should talk, behave, feel. I mean we all know that everyone can not be a cook, but we do always expect everyone to be a good parent. Specially mothers. Die My Love Ariana Harwicz If you think about it, all freedoms boil down to just one freedom – the freedom to be oneself. And being a parent (again, specially mothers in a traditional patriarchal families) must take a heavy toll on one’s freedom – for you are no longer doing what you want to do, but are struck looking after those stupid, smelling, needy little creatures that won’t even thank you for the trouble (okay, why are people bothered