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Nietzsche’s Anti-Christ – looking too much into the abyss of Christianity

Anti-christ nietzsche sidharth vardhan review analysis
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Published: 1895
 In "The Antichrist," Nietzsche presents a highly controversial view of Christianity as a damaging influence upon western civilization that must come to an end.

(A review of 'Anti-Christ'
a book by Friedrich Nietzsche)

I had a liberal access to Internet only when I was already in college. And I developed a very quick obsession for Wikipedia and Wikiquote surfing. When I tumbled about Nietzsche's Wikiquote fan, I became a fan. But reading 'beyond good and evil' was a disappointment. All the good parts of it I had already read on his Wikiquote experience. It is as if his best always comes in aphorisms - you read Wikiquote, you can say you have read Nietzsche, well the good parts. (I felt same thing with Oscar Wilde's plays but Wilde had non-aphorism beauty in his in non-dramtic writing). There are lots of great quotes in it, but I had already read them. They might be more of a revelation to other readers. Much of his criticism of Christianity makes sense but he seems to want to correct it by forcing opposite values on society which is where he fails. It is a popular adage that philosophers are better at asking questions than answering them. Goes for Nietzsche too.

Friendrich Nietzsche Sidharth vardhan review analysis
Friedrich Nietzsche

Moreover he can often be inconsistent. At one point he says Christianity has taken away virility of life, on other hand, he likes Buddhism for Nirvana - which talks about freeing a person from life itself for sake of freeing humanity from pain and suffering. Buddhism, like Christianity and other religions, is born of pessimism, of idea that life is a curse because of suffering that is attached to it. And moreover, Nietzsche himself is guilty of this view when he says the way to happiness is asceticism (which btw is again contradicting his earlier idea that we should be fighting wars because peace is so pathetic). Asceticism preached by Indian religions has same fault as Christian church's preaching - it goes against humanity's basic instincts (which only wants to fill it's time with sex, sleep and food.)

He hates Christian priests for fooling people. And praises Manu for suggesting a society where a few clever and strong folks would fool masses of lesser mortals. Manu and other Hindu priests were no different from Christian priests talked about 'sin' just as much as Christian priests. Of course, he accuses Christian priests for deceit and for holding power and than turns around and says power is a good thing.

And there is again that bad taste that ones gets from his antisemitism and misogyny. Calling Christians and priests 'Jews' and 'women' is his go to insults.

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