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Ficklish Loves

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(A song by Sidharth Vardhan
First written on April 17, 2018)

"Take away your ficklish loves
No bigger than smallest of months
They may suit some other
Myself can't handle another
Parts of my souls are still in graves
Which were build by fantasies
You thought were your loves
And I loved the idea of death
Till you showed me dead too suffer
In storms of your passing fantasies
Take away your 21 days of happiness
Your 5 songs and heartaches
Your dreams and other demons
I have demons enough
Of my own
I have died times enough
On my own
These you don't have to give me
And don't feel sorry
Copses don't carry feelings
Are at home in their graves
And you will forget me
You always do
So cheers darling
let it end well darling
on happy notes
Of thanks and sorries
Of byes and don't you worries
Even if they are songs that dont rhyme
And aren't worth a dime
let us Cheer darling
We will both live darling
You will love again darling
There was first one sound
And I was your rebound
Second one will surely be better
Someone who to you will matter
And I will have my swan songs
Leisure to think on my wrongs
Cheers darling
For though mine might be a veil
We shall both smile'

Copyright – Sidharth Vardhan
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