Sidharth Vardhan

Death of a Dream

(Chorus)So little of happiness So long to come and oh don’t blink see! already over now back to the never-ending darkness(End of chorus) Forgive me for there is an itching in my breast and there is only one way to rest to Share with you this bitter harvest that thanks to you now lives in my chest Forgive me for I must pick another quarrel exchange reproaches add regrets trade tears hide fears Forgive me for I must show the burn in my heart Forgive me for I must pick a last argument Forgive me for i never learned to mourn the living Forgive me for I never was good with the death of dreams

Ficklish Loves

(A song by Sidharth VardhanFirst written on April 17, 2018) “Take away your ficklish lovesNo bigger than smallest of monthsThey may suit some otherMyself can’t handle anotherParts of my souls are still in gravesWhich were build by fantasiesYou thought were your lovesAnd I loved the idea of deathTill you showed me dead too sufferIn storms of your passing fantasies

Woke up with the worm

Woke up with the worm, couldn’t eat, Music won’t do, Books won’t either, Something cruel is in the sunlight today, And ignored dog looks sad too. Know that will be crying today. Woke up with the worm, Hope it will kill me today. Can’t get you out of my mind, don’t want to love you anymore, Don’t want to think of you all the time, Don’t want the never-ending communication with you, That fucks up my mind, and oh hell, I am doing it now too. Know that will be crying today. Woke up with this worm That will kill me today. Reproaches in my head Wanting to tell you ‘Are immature, careless, stupid Reproaches – mean and childish no right to make them Yet gonna make them. Reproaching you all the time Wanting to hit you all the time And yet whatever the reproaches are They are nothing, nothing But same old one, One reproach, different clothes. That I loved you And you didn’t love me back. Know that will be crying today. Woke up with the worm Why won’t it kill me today? (First written as a Dedication for Khaleesi AKA Alex on March 20, 2018) Copyright –