Short Stories

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I see people still seems to be thinking that my I just tell tall-tales. Now if you visited my town, you would have known the fame I have for my honesty, they swear on it –if they want to praise someone’s honesty they will say he is as honest as our great lord Manchurian (since…

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(A short story by Sidharth Vardhan June 24, 2016) “Papa, Pa-Pa, Pa, Pa” he has rolled the variations of the word;‘Daddy’ or ‘Dad’ too, but he wishes that Vani will call him papa. It has just the right kind of sound to it. It has always felt like a big responsibility – inwardly he still…

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monkeys fire old man sidharth vardhan monkeys fire old man sidharth vardhan

(A short fiction by Sidharth Vardhan A tribute to Kafka September 24, 2015) We monkeys have sat by this ever-burning fire for generations because we are afraid to go outside the perimeter of its light into the dark. Although we have tried to look beyond into the darkness every day hoping to find something; yet…

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