Sidharth Vardhan

The Family – A Play

Time ~8 minutes   Characters: A boy  – seven to twelve years old His father – a middle age man His mother – a middle age woman His brother – a  boy, about twenty years old His sister – a girl, about fifteen years old.   The Play The curtain rises. (The father is sitting on a study table checking some table on the right side. The sister and brother are sitting on the opposite end of a sofa in the center, their eyes on their mobile, their fingers constantly making swift typing movements on mobile screen. On the left side, the mother is working in a kitchen (a table can be used to represent a kitchen shelf) 1. (The boy, enter from right and stop near the father) Boy: Papa! (Father doesn’t respond.) Boy (louder, as he grabs father’s hand to get his attention): Papa!! Father (not taking his eyes off his papers, removes his hand from child’s hands): Yes. Boy: Papa, a boy at school beat me today. Father(not paying attention): Did he? …..  Look, I’m busy, go tell it to your mom. (resumes work) (The boy is disappointed, moves across the stage to his mom, then, looks at his mother,

Being Watched – A Play

Time ~ 5 minutes Characters: A girl – in later teens. 3 to 5 boys – late teens too, they are sitting on stools throughout the play.   Play:   Part 1 The lights are off as curtain opens.  A light follows a girl as she enters from left, moves from left to right – she is singing to herself (a locally popular song), there is a bit of dance in her movements, and she is smiling, laughing to herself. As she moves a little ahead, lights turn on a little ahead on her path to reveal some boys sitting on stools on one side. She becomes self-conscious, stops for a moment to check her clothes – she stops singing and laughing and crosses in front of them with a serious look on her face, her gaze down, somewhat scared as the eyes of boys follow her movements as far as they can. Once she passes them, the lights on the spot where boys are sitting will go off, and she again loses herself in mirth –singing, same easy steps and laughing. Reaching the right end of the stage she exits, the light goes off. A few moments pass.   Part 2